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October 5, 2017
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October 5, 2017

Whiz Freedom


Revolutionary urine directing system for women.

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Whiz Freedom is The World’s First Antibacterial and Hydrophobic Urine Director for Leisure Use and for Mobility Impaired Users.

The Whiz freedom is antibacterial, hydrophobic and highly portable. Cleverly made, it will fold up when put in your pocket and spring back into shape when you need it. Because it is hydrophobic it can be flicked dry (no need to rinse it each time) and the antibacterial properties of the material from which it is made allow the device to be re-used over and over with no degradation in its hygienic properties.

The Freedom is a soft and gentle, ingenious device and it allows women of all ages to wee in a standing up, sitting down or lying position without undressing. The Freedom means no more waiting, squatting holding on or hiding. Called a urine guide (also referred to as urine disposer or portable loo) its carefully (and cleverly) designed highly flexible lily shape fits comfortably the outer curves of the human body and is externally held against the groin. Once you start, nature and gravity do the rest. Urine is directed away from the body so there are no flowbacks, splashes or spills, you don’t even have to remove outer or under clothing. CE marked, FDA approved, and medically approved, the Whiz Freedom preserves Dignity and Liberty whatever the circumstances. It gives women the choice to wee wherever and whenever they choose.