41dUVt07%2BML. SS80  - Waterrower Beech Rowing Machine with S4 monitor
Bodymax Oxbridge HR Folding Air Rowing Machine
January 29, 2018
31UuLpJsKbL. SS80  - Waterrower Beech Rowing Machine with S4 monitor
Body Sculpture BR2720 Air Rower | Adjustable Air Resistance | Folds For Easy Storage | Track Your Progress | More
January 29, 2018

Waterrower Beech Rowing Machine with S4 monitor Price: 999.00£ (as of 25/06/2019 11:00 PST- Details)

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The Water Rower stands upright when not in use, for convenient, space saving and storage. Bring the art of rowing to dry land with a WaterRower. Unlike chain-driven air, or magnetic rowing machines, the WaterRower uses real water as resistance to provide a calorie scorching, all over body workout. The unique water resistance flywheel is controlled by your stroke speed and stays consistent throughout the motion. The result: fluid rowing that recreates the feel, sound, and body benefits of rowing on the river. Each and every WaterRower is meticulously handcrafted in the United States with the same care and precision as the first machine that rolled off the production line 26 years ago. Across the Water Rower range (excluding the A1 home) machines function the same; it is simply the aesthetics that change to suit different home and gym environments. The WaterRower Beech frame is built using solid Beech wood, sustainably sourced from the Appalachian mountain range. Finished with a light Danish oil, this beautiful machine is exclusively available in the UK through Powerhouse Fitness. Weighing in at less than 50kg the machine is easily moved around on its guide wheel. And when not in use, a WaterRower can be conveniently stored on end, taking up no more room than a dining room chair. Enjoy the flawlessly smooth rolling motion created by the WaterRowers dual rail system, and ergonomically designed seat. The Beech wood model also comes with a Series 4 Monitor which functions to display stroke rate, heart rate, total strokes, dista