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MAYMOC 3D Pedometer and Step Tracker for Walking Steps Miles/Km Accurate Portable Clip on Sports Fitness Daily Target Monitor Exercise Distance 30 Days Memory (black)
March 22, 2019
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Gorgebuy Electronic Perpetual Motion – Sports Brush Sports Steps Record Artifact for Phone’s Fitness Activity Tracker
March 22, 2019

SILVA Ex Distance Pedometer


Accurate step counting and distance measuring technology
Metric and imperial units
Safety lanyard – no accidental loss

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Track your progress with the Silva Ex Distance Pedometer. This compact and lightweight device is robust and records steps and distance travelled.The Silva Ex Distance Pedometer is easy to use and counts both steps and distance to show you how active you are throughout the day. The unique integrated filter function ensures that occasional movement during a walk or a day at work is not recorded. The device features a robust clip and safety lanyard which protect and secure it, preventing accidental damage. FeaturesRecords steps and distance – track your exercise throughout the day.Easy to use and lightweight – perfect for exercising.Unique filter function – prevents unwanted recording of occasional movement when inactive.Robust clip and safety lanyard – prevent accidental loss.