41uIbzYyB%2BL. SS80  - POLAR RCX3 RUN Heart Rate Monitor
NC-17 HR 4/SC 4/SC 5 | Analyze Pulse Heart Rate Monitor + Bike Sensor, speed/cadence | Compatible Ant + Bluetooth 4.0 Bike Computer iPhone IOS, Android, Windows Mobile 8.1
October 6, 2018
41sPF2neyvL. SS80  - POLAR RCX3 RUN Heart Rate Monitor
Sigma 32426VAR – Heart rate monitor for running, footing rc14.11
October 6, 2018

POLAR RCX3 RUN Heart Rate Monitor


Polar RCX3 Training Computer; Backlight, Date and Weekday Indicator, User Replaceable Battery;
Water Resistant – 30m; Dual Time Zone; KeyLock; Low Battery Indicator; StopWatch;
Time of day (12/24h) with Alarm and Snooze; Text Display: English + 10 More Languages;


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