1200mg Tonalin CLA 30 Tablets
HealthAid Bodylean CLA Plus – (Conjugated Linoleic Acid, Co Q10, Green Tea) – 30 Capsules and 30 Tablets
February 8, 2019
1200mg Tonalin CLA 30 Tablets
Pharma Nord Bio CLA and Green Tea – Pack of 60 Capsules
February 8, 2019

1200mg Tonalin CLA 30 Tablets


Promote lean muscle mass
Helps to increase muscle retention
Helps improve lean body composition by promoting fat metabolism while increasing muscle strength

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Tonalin CLA is obtained from Safflower oil using a patented process
Experimental studies show that CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) works with the body’s enzymes involved in fat mobilization and storage
May help reduce body fat
When tonalin CLA is used in conjunction with a balanced, healthy diet and regular exercise programme, it can help maintain a healthy body weight
Can help reduce body fat mass while maintaining lean muscles