BeGrit Foldable Cane Stick LED Folding Walking Cane ‎Adjustable Aluminum Non Slip Walking Stick with Light Free Standing…
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October 5, 2017
BeGrit Foldable Cane Stick LED Folding Walking Cane ‎Adjustable Aluminum Non Slip Walking Stick with Light Free Standing…
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October 5, 2017

BeGrit Foldable Cane Stick LED Folding Walking Cane ‎Adjustable Aluminum Non Slip Walking Stick with Light Free Standing…


Free Standing Walking Stick – Extra wide, quad tipped base allows the cane to stand firmly on its own on the 4″ base. When the cane fall down, just pick it up with your foot and no longer need to bend over.
45 Degree Adjustable LED Light – It is more convenient & safe for the elderly to get up at night & evening walk.LED light can directly to the front 20 meters and adapt to 45 degree lighting angle.
Collapsible & Easy to Carry Cane – Folding walking stick can fold up in seconds, made of aluminum alloy,it is stable & light weight. After folding,the cane is 11″ x 7″ x 3.5″,it can easily put into your carry bags.

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Begrit dependable ajustable height Lightweight Folding Walking Stick Cane with integrated LED lights Non Slip Unisex – Black

This top range Foldable Walking Stick snaps into place in seconds when in operation and offers a strong, reliable support and comfortable grip. It has been designed with convenience and comfort in mind, easily folded into four sections, making it small enough to slip into your pocket slides, carrying or storing it when not in use.The foldable walking stick features a moulded handle shaped for extra comfort, designed to perfectly fit in the palm of your hand. If you suffer with arthritic pain in your hands, you will find the handle easy to grip in your hands, without suffering painful pressure points.The handle gives you a comfortable secure grip so you can comfortably use it for long periods of time.

BeGrit folding walking stick is suitable for both men and women and is suitable for different heights. Use Simply press on the push mechanism to it to suit your body size. It has a non slip rubber foot provides a firm grip on any surface, so it is no need to worry about slipping.Comes with a free arm strap for extra safety.

Specifications: Wrinkles in 4 parts
Grip (handle) Material: ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)
Stick Material: Aluminium
Handle Length: 13 cm
Adjustable height (handle to floor): over 85 cm – 100 cm
Colour: Black
Card size when folded: 28 x 18 cm x 9 cm
Product Weight: 495g
Package included: 1 x New Folding Hunter stick post

Note: Please contact us if you found the cane base is loose.
★ With Foldable Walking Stick with Light (batteries included) versatile a slightly folded for convenient storage and prolongs a locking position. Height from 34 inches to 39 inches. Easy to fold into four sections and can easily be stored for room for manoeuvre and comfort. The pipe folds into four sections, which means that you do it in your bag, when you do not use or when you travel.
★ With Easy & convenient for everyday use for your safety and endurance with excellent lightweight. The ergonomically fitted handle gives the user to maximise safety and comfort with high quality and sustainability. Soft foam handle taps with pivotable the main light via 6 onboard White LED’s to lighting the way. BeGrit folding stick can stand by its alone.
★Non-slip non marking rubber tip prevents shocks and keep them safe too. By attaching Quad tread provide improved traction and support your full weight, while providing the flexibility to walking, jogging and light. The stable Bracelet can be hidden and battery case to prevent accidents in use, and provide comfort, when folded and storage.
★Ideal for mobile use on the go. Creases easy for storage or travel and has a comfortable arm band. Unisex element for the older men or women and fits neatly in the luggage, backpacks, posts, comfortable foam grip handle for those who suffer from arthritis. Caution to use this walking stick on wet floors, tiles and other slippery surfaces. Extra wide Quad base for even balance and extra strength 4 safety handles.
★Portable and Adjustable sugarcane six LED lights (batteries included) directly to the front 20 metres and adapt to different lighting angle. Folding design makes it portable tube on the market.